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About ISIS: Interview - Cruel.org A: Looking at the words and deeds and actions Islamic countries of the people, it gives the impression as if returned to the old days a lot To pre-modern. On the other hand in their consciousness, I think it can be said that the movement of democratization in the Middle East [Arab Spring] is greatly related. Mr. B and the appearance of this Islamic country [Arab Spring] How do you Irasshai captures the relationship. B: environment [Arab Spring] was born in the Middle East by the round is now good things very convenient for Islamic countries. Say the environment is, the fluctuation of the central government, is the relaxation of the rule of the peripheral region is weakening. There, strategy theory of the original Islamic terrorism that Islamic countries to rely were together snugly. Against terrorism, the United States is to expand the war large-scale counter-terrorism, Islamic terrorism has also cornered the military to information and economically as well. So two thousand and four, by the time of the five years they will change the organizational theory.

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